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February 12, 2010

*sob, sob, sob, boo, hoo*

This is a whining post, so if you don't like posts of it's kind, then don't read it.

Over the past two weeks I spent a great deal of time on the internet gathering ideas and reading tutorials for handmade valentines gifts for everyone. I found alot of cute ideas and budget friendly things. So I finally thought I could get my craft on... NOT. My first trip to Hobby Lobby was an ABSOLUTE nightmare. I was afraid the manager was going to kick me out of the store because of my not so well behaved children. I grabbed two canvasas and some paint and quickly headed out the store. That project was a complete waste of time. It looked nothing like hearts made with kids hands and Lexi's feet prints looked like she was missing all but one of her toes. That project got a new home in the trash can.

Then I decided to give Hobby Lobby another go for some supplies to make hairbows. HaaaaHaaaa.... you can guess how that one ended.

Wednesday night I dropped all the kids off at church and headed off to Hobby Lobby with just Lexi. My dear ole hubby had agreed to get me a cricut machine and I wanted to look at the cartridges and such there as well as TRY to get the other things I needed to make THESE valentines presents. Lexi SCREAMED at the top of her lungs the entire time I was in the store. Another empty handed trip to Hobby Lobby.

Sadly I walked to my car and strapped my screaming child into the carseat. Are you feeling sorry for me yet? If not, read on. I cried all the way home. Boohoo poor little me. I can't go to the bathroom by myself and everything I do always involves one child or the other. When I arrive home Hubby see's that I'm obviously upset and get's peeved at me. He just doesn't understand women. I tell him to call his friend and tell him I didn't want the stupid cricut machine that I was just lying to myself that I would be able to find the time to use it. Then he got even more peeved. He tells me to stop whining. This made me even more upset.

So here I am three day's before Valentines day and have nothing for anyone. Sorry Grandparent's, no handmade gifts to litter your home this year.

Yes, I'm fine now. I'm over my pity party. Am I the only Mom who has this problem with finding that special "ME" time? That time that keeps you from going over the edge of insanity and hanging your children by their toes on the ceiling? If kids only came with a Mute button, oh how life would be great. And if hubby's had a "poor darling let me take care of the kids for you" button, I would be in heaven.


Jodi said...

Been there done that. And I think hubby's come pre-programmed with that attitude. They don't understand our need for some "me" time.

My suggestion? Make him go buy cards and have the kids label and address them while you go to hobby lobby or similar scrapbooking store and have some me time.

You need the break, I can tell just from your post. You need to fill you back up so you can be there for your family.

Hang in there!

Joy said...

yep pretty sure we've been there. i rarely get pitty from my hubs on the subject. he did one time come take them from me while I was out on a shopping trip and he was doing something else with zero kids. I am pretty sure he only did so because I threatened to leave them on the side of the road if they didn't start behaving and I think he thought it might actually happen if he didn't save me from them:)