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March 5, 2010

Lexi's Nook

I keep creating projects for myself, which is probably why it takes me forever to do anything.  I've decided that I want my bedroom back.  I can't share it with Lexi any longer.  She wakes alot during the night lately and knows that Daddy and I are in the bed next to her and she starts screaming her high pitched scream until one of us gets up and puts her in our bed.  I've tried letting her cry it out.  It's next to impossible when she's in the same room with you and she's screaming like that.

So I've came up with a lovely idea, we have two closets in our bedroom, one which is pretty large.  It's the size of a small office.  It has heat/air as well as a window.  This is going to be her new room.

These pictures makes it look very small but it's a fairly decent size. I could put her crib in here and a dresser as well as some of her toys and still have room. Now I'm just waiting on hubby to take down the shelving and patch the holes so I can paint. Tick... Tock............ still waiting. It's been almost a week now.

Thinking about going with Lavender even though her bedding is in pink.  And that's ONLY because I have lavender paint and don't have to buy any.  I'm cheap... REALLY cheap.


Joy said...

I am sure her therapist will be able to help her get over the fact that her mom made her sleep in a closet. It will be ok.

J/K I couldn't resist:) purple and pink go great together and would make it totally a great girly space!

McAngie said...

Haha, thanks Joy! I had been calling it Lexi's hole in the wall but my friend came up with the cute name of "Lexi's Nook"

When Alex was a baby we lived in a condo and it had two closets one which was sort of big, not this big though. That was his room. I just always left the door open.

Angie said...

I am totally for a mom doing whatever to get a nights sleep. It is so much better than dealing with an aftermath of lack of sleep.

I pray it works and she sleeps through the night. I did a lot of sleepless nights with my now three year old. I am glad those days are over.

The Foley 5 said...

Great idea! Love that the closet has heat/air AND a window! Can't wait to see the finished result!