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June 27, 2010

15 Already?

So I'm running behind by about three birthdays... I'm slacking.  We'll start with Amber's and backtrack the other's that I've missed.

Can you believe it?  I can't, 15 already!  I remember being 15 and that doesn't seem too long ago.  And if your wondering the obsession with the birthday stickers?  I couldn't just post pictures of my vivacious 15 yr old daughter in a bikini for the world to see.  This was after we returned from the pool and Amber and her party guests wanted to play in the "ice" cold rain.

I decided to do something different, Amber had a pool party and instead of cake & ice cream, we had an ice cream party!  An all you can eat buffet of brownies, ice cream, caramel and hot fudge not to mention the other goodies we smothered on top.

Even Lexi enjoyed a waffle cup with whipped topping... yummmmm

Each item I brought out and sat on the table, the girls eyes got bigger... Note To Self: Not so much sugar next time. ;)

This is what sugar does to a kid

Happy 15th Amber!